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About us

The Institute of Historical-Artistic Studies S.L. It is born with a very clear vocation: to offer a dialogue between the technical, scientific and historical studies of works of art, especially in the field of painting and ancient sculpture, with current collecting.

We understand that the communion between market and art, academia and collecting, is a vehicle that enriches our environment, which helps to improve our quality of life and to disseminate with current criteria the sense of beauty and love for the great works that have been created in the past.

We have found that many times there is no collecting because there is no disclosure, because there is no such dialogue between conservators, teachers and experts in general and the collector’s desire to be surrounded by works that serve to enrich him as such. The collector needs to understand what he sees every day: what is the reason that explains the attraction he feels for a painting or an antique carving.

We are a team of art historians with extensive and extensive training and experience, forged over thirty years, in the academic world but also in the field of the antique market, both in auctions and direct sales. In this way, we offer our clients all kinds of services aimed at achieving a deeper knowledge of works of art, both their own and those of others, both from an academic and commercial point of view.

This team is headed by José María Quesada Valera, who for many years served as a professor of Art History and also had the honor of directing the Art and Antiques section of Fernando Duran. He also has numerous publications on Art History, especially in the field of Spanish painting of the Golden Age, and has been curator or collaborator in several exhibitions such as The Triumph of Painting, Closures, Immaculate, among others.