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TOMÁS YEPES – Flowers in bronze vase with cherries, madrones and almonds

TOMÁS YEPES (ca. 1600-Valencia, 1674)
Flowers in a golden bronze vase with cherries, madrones and almonds on a table.
Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 64 x 47 cm.
Signed at the lower left angle: Thomas Hiepes Fecit

It has Condition Report (Rafael Romero).
It has a certificate signed by Ismael Gutiérrez Pastor.


Yepes is without a doubt the most important painter of still-life of the Valencian School.

Fortunately, many works are preserved that show us the versatility and diversity in his paintings. In fact, this exhibition displays two contrasting examples of the Valencian´s work, a vase and a still-life of fruits and flowers with birds in a landscape.

It has always been stated that Yepes, if compared with the still-life of other Spanish schools, as is the case of the still-life of Madrid or Seville, is more archaic, without incorporating the novelties that are often seen by these two schools. His works are usually presented in an orderly, symmetrical however sometimes rigid way, reminiscent of the Flemish still life of the first decades of the seventeenth century.

This is an eye-catching example of a hyper-realistic vase. Trimmed on a dark background and resting on a ledge, stands the gilded bronze vase, engraved with the head of a cherub. And almost as if it were a spring, the flowers sprout in a strictly symmetrical way from one side to another of the concluding group of autumn daffodils. At the foot of the vase on both sides, there are some fruits, cherries on the left, berries on the right, and a butterfly posada on a branch placed on the deer.

The detailed description of the flowers suggests that Yepes faced each of the vases that he painted almost like the work of a naturalist, in this case, of a botanist: precisely describing each of the varieties of plant species and animals which we see in this repertoire.



• ROMERO ASENJO, Rafael (2009): The Spanish Still Life in the17th century: revealing its hidden nature. Madrid: Icono I & R,273.
• Certificate of Authenticity by Ismael Gutiérrez Pastor, file N º006/2007 (January 8, 2007)